Sheer fabric 320cm width Jette-Halen

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Benefits of sheer fabrics:
Transparent curtains, also known as day curtains, are made of lightweight materials such as organza and lace. They are highly regarded for their versatility, allowing sunlight to enter the house, filling the house with warmth, and providing natural light during the day while reducing glare. Although they provide great privacy during the day, they are best paired with blackout curtains to provide greater privacy when the lights are turned on at night. Transparent curtains can soften the sunlight, and can also eliminate ultraviolet rays and heat, making us feel cool at home. Therefore, they can also reduce the energy costs of air-conditioning without having to work so hard. They can keep you away from all insects from day to night, keep insects from infesting your life, and provide you with a clean place without blocking natural light during the day.

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Sheer for curtain  Jette

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70G/SM (+/-5%)


100% polyester fabric


Accept Customization

Color Fastness to Light:

4-5 Grade


Plastic bag inside and woven bag outside, double roll packaging or according to customer requirements.


Soften day light, defuse the UV rays and heat.


Transparent fabrics can be made into daily curtains for windows in hotels, offices, homes, schools, hospitals, etc. It is widely used and has a wide audience. They can also be matched with the shading fabrics in your home, so that you have higher privacy, and you don't have to worry about other troubles when you live at home.

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