Embroidered sheer fabric Jette–Andernne

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Advantages of sheer fabrics:
Sheer curtain is also known as day curtain which is made from light weight materials such as organza and lace.
They are prized for their multi function, allowing the sun to peek into the house and supply natural light during the day while deducing glare. Although they provide great daytime privacy, they are best matched with blackout curtains for higher privacy when the lights are on at night.
Transparent curtains can make the daylight more warm, and can also reduce ultraviolet radiation, lower the indoor temperature, so that we can also feel cool at home. Therefore, they can also reduce energy costs caused by air conditioning.
What is more, using sheer curtain can also make your house looking magnificent.

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Sheer for curtain  Jette

Design No.:





70G/SM (+/-5%)


100% polyester fabric


Accept Customization

Color Fastness to Light:

4-5 Grade


double roll packing with plastic bag inside and woven bag outside or according to customer’s request.


Soften day light, defuse the UV rays and heat.


Transparent fabric can be used to make daily curtains for windows in buildings such as homes, hotels, offices, schools, and hospitals, which can increase the beauty of the building and the feelings of people in it.

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