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Hangzhou Tungyu Textiles Co., Ltd. which is located in Hangzhou, China, specializes in manufacturing blackout fabrics for curtains, roman blinds, roller blinds,sheer fabric for day curtains and upholstery fabrics. With 10 years’ experience of export, Tungyu grows rapidly. We have always considered our customers to be the most important asset. At Tungyu, we understand our customers’ requirements and the challenges they face. We also know that they usually want to minimize capital outlay, have the predictability of costs around the provision and support of their fabrics and have suppliers can provide solutions that can quickly react to a growing or rationalizing business.

The famous Greek Philosopher Heraclitis said,“The only thing constant is change.”. At Tungyu, our business is constantly involving. We embraces change rather than compete with it. We have a passion of making the most fashionable fabrics for all over the world. We can ensure the best value products with highest quality service. Tungyu has been providing window shade fabrics for over 10 years and in more than 36 countries and we offer various ranges of fabrics that meet all needs. Our products have been sold all over the world, especially in countries and areas of Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and America.
Based on ”Quality Fabrics First, Service Foremost”policy, we believe that small business is still big business. We’ve built our business around the basic premise of helping our customers meet their requirements by offering exceptional customer service, competitive prices, and quality Customized Design, OEM, ODM fabrics. Our products are available for householders, Commercial Suppliers, such as architects, contractors, and curtains manufacturers or traders.
We insist on security and strict quality control on all the fabrics. Improvements have been made by listening to the requirements of our customers and when possible implementing changes to suit.
We truly believe that the future of Tungyu will be bright. We are excited to see what is around the next corner.



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