100% polyester back flocking curtain blackout fabircs Pure TY1726

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Benefits of blackout fabrics:
They can safeguard your family’s health. Exposure to the sun UV rays can cause premature ageing of the skin, leading to wrinkles, fine lines, brown spots and pigment irregularity and even skin cancer. With the use of blackout fabrics as curtains, they can keep you and your family stay safe.
In an age of increased focus on energy efficiency in the home, the application of blackout fabrics is an important part of completing your curtains. They provide protection against harmful UV rays and from hot and cold climates, helping to reduce energy bills.
They can turn day into night, offering room darkling, privacy and protection. That is why blackout fabrics for curtains can also be called night curtains.
The triple material layers of blackout curtains insulates your room and absorbs some sound, making a more peaceful home environment, further enhancing the quality of sleep.

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3pass coated blackout with flocking quality (Silicone finish available)

Design No.:



140cm & 280cm


350G/SM (+/-5%)


100% polyester fabric, Acrylic coating


Accept Customization

Color Fastness to Light:

4 Grade (Bluewool Std)

Color Fastness to Water:



Possible after treatment NFPA701,BS5867,C1(EN13773),B1(DIN4102)


Single roll packing with plastic bag inside and woven bag outside or according to customer’s request.


Blackout , Anti-UV,Energy saving, Noise  reduction, Warm keeping

Product Color

Product Application

All the blackout fabrics are made with special treatments. They are produced with 3 or 4 passes acrylic coating at the back side of the base fabrics. So all the blackout fabrics can provide 100% blackout and they can be used to make into curtains or roman shades to windows for homes, hotels, offices, schools, hospitals, etc. They can give a high privacy and protection in your room.

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